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The Perfect additons to your Body Shaping Treatments

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Products designed to enchance, accelaratre and maintain your treatment results!

FillMed 3 Step Professional Skincare Bundle

Step 1: Cleanse

We love this all-in-one oil cleanser that removes dirt, sweat, waterproof make-up from the face, eye and lips leaving the skin perfectly clean and comfortable without any tightness.

Step 2: Serum

Targeted serums work to hydrate, lift or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Simply apply after cleansing using a gentle tapping motion into the skin.

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Step 3: Moisturise

As a final step, seal in the hydration and give your skin the equivalent of a cozy hug with this regenerating moisturiser for normal to dry skins, anti-ageing and moisturising properties.

What Others Have to Say

I've struggled with large pores and a mixture of oily and dry skin. Using the FillMed Hydra Bundle has been the only thing that has helped even out my complexion and smooth out my skin.

Tiffany L.

The girls in the clinic weren't kidding when they said this will help extend and enhance your HIFU treatment. My skin feels tighter, firmer and even looks younger than I ever would have thought. 

Nicole T.

 Skincare has always been intimidating for me. Knowing that I can just use a few products and get the results I want without 10 steps has been a huge relief and time saver. I've used it for 2 weeks and colleagues have said my skin looks rejuvenated.

Amy M.