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FillMed Re-Time Serum (Wrinkles, 30ml)

FillMed Re-Time Serum (Wrinkles, 30ml)

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Serum rich in Vitamin A, the golden standard for visibly rejuvenated skin. Also known as retinoic acid it acts on the four signs of
photo-induced skin ageing: dryness, loss of elasticity, refinement of the
skin and wrinkles.

Usage One pump PM only after cleansing and before moisturizer.

Benefits Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, refines skin and aids in

Key ingredients Vitamin A considered one of the anti-wrinkles of reference
in dermatology to act on all wrinkles and reduce them visibly. It acts on
the skin by stimulating fibroblasts, stimulating the synthesis of collagen,
angiogenesis (making small vessels responsible for the «good-looking»

Hyaluronic Acid It keeps water on the skin surface and acts as a water
reservoir. This hyaluronic acid film also protects the skin from external
aggressions, which could damage the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

Arg-Lys peptide a powerful skin relaxer for increased action on contraction
wrinkles. Botox-like peptide obtained from cone snail venom, it modulates
transmission of the message at neuromuscular junctions to densify the
skin. Contraction wrinkles are smooth.

Wakame 14GA powerful skin regenerator. Obtained from brown seaweed.

Suitable for Most skin types except sensitive.

Contraindications pregnancy and lactating mothers.