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FillMed Nourishing Body Balm (200ml)

FillMed Nourishing Body Balm (200ml)

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Silky - Hydrating - Soothing 

FillMed Skin Perfusion Nourishing Body Balm's silk-like texture envelopes the body in a hydrating, comforting blend of oil complexes, and its light fragrance helps balance the mind.

Nourishing Body Balm is a luxurious balm that doesn’t just sit on the surface, but also penetrates into deeper skin layers to rebalance skin moisture. Your skin condition will improve within a week of daily use.

Usage - Use after bathing applying sparingly, as a small amount goes a long way

Benefits - Hydration and comfort by forming a protective lipid film

Key ingredients - Nutrient phase 30 strengthens the skin barrier and rebalances skin moisture forming a protective lipid layer

Oil complex, nourishing soothing action

Suitable for - Most skin types and age

Contraindications - None