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FillMed Exfoliating Cream (50mL)

FillMed Exfoliating Cream (50mL)

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Clarifies complexion – Smoothes – Prepares

FillMed Skin Perfusion Exfoliating Cream is a micro-polishing cream for exfoliation. Unlike other exfoliants, this cream stimulates cells in the basal layer before reactivating the cell regeneration process. Biodegradable microbeads and botanical surfactants are used for gentle, healing and purifying skin renewal. 

Usage - Use after cleanser – twice a week 3 – 5 minutes. Apply five cent piece amount and buff into the skin in circular motions. Rinse off with tepid water

Benefits - Biodgradable micro beads polish the skin, removes dead skin and debris, encourages circulation and purifies

Key ingredients - Silica and Sodium Polyacrylate micro beads that swell in water, providing a pleasant massage feeling

Gentle surfactants of Ricin oil and glycerine, both aid in softening, healing and purifying.

Suitable for - All skin types. Avoid if highly sensitive

Contraindications - Broken skin